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I am an artist and a Master of Video from CalArts, and have been in the industry for years, and lived in Manhattan and Los Angeles for over a decade. I understand the business of building a personal brand.

I've worked with mentors and have been actively using social media to funnel attention and make money. I've learned hacks and I will share my knowledge with you.

I work one-on-one with you, through unlimited facetime, phone and text.

Plus you'll get first-hand access to all the information going into the online courses I'm developing.

Interactively and intuitively, I'll help you find your niche, underlying-theme, storyline with hook, and posting schedule, as well as technical aspects of using social media.

Whether your'e a begnner, feeling stuck, or just want an edge, avoid pitfalls and make money faster by signing up for one-on-one unlimited coaching to accelerate your personal brand!

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